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How close to my travel date can I book a car?

There is a required minimum of 24 hours between car rental booking and pick-up date/time.



What do I need to bring when I pick up my rental car?

You should have the below items with you when picking-up your rental car: 

A credit card in the driver's name. It is strongly recommended that this is a Visa or MasterCard as some suppliers will not accept other credit cards such as American Express or Diners Club.  The credit card will be used to block a security deposit so sufficient funds will be required. For luxury cars, two credit cards in the same name are required for all rentals. In this case, the credit cards must not be from the same issuer.


A valid driving license typically held for at least one year with no major endorsements is required. Depending on the point of sale and the destination, an international driving license may be required. It is strongly advised that you check individual country or car rental supplier requirements prior to picking up the car.  


The car rental voucher is required (if applicable).

ID card and/or passport to verify your date of birth and that you meet the minimum age required to drive a vehicle (varies from country to country).




The person picking up the car must be the person named as the driver in the booking confirmation.

This person (named as the driver) will need the credit card in their name to pick up the car.

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