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About Us


Dating all the way back to 1998, Travel One started life in Amman, Jordan with a passionate group of travel professionals who shared a love for voyaging. We had a purpose of providing offline and often complex travel arrangements that mirror the dreams of our clients, and ever since, the company has continued to evolve significantly. Today, we are a BVI corporation that provides numerous online platforms which revolutionize the way the world sees travel and tourism. Our distinctive touch has left a mark in the region, and today it is our honor and pleasure to serve the rest of the world.


Leading the way is our CEO & Founder Nidal Qart. With over 35 years of experience in airline affairs, travel, tourism, and MICE management including 20 years’ experience of serving Umrah and Hajj pilgrims, many of whose testimonials vouch for the unsurpassed level of service we provide; is dedicated to providing creative solutions, detailed knowledge, and the will to exceed Hajj and Umrah pilgrims’ expectations. We are firm believers that because we rode the online wave early on, we have an upper hand on the competition.


Our team is fully capable and dedicated to serving customers better than ever, whether you want to directly go to Makkah for a quick Umrah Pilgrimage or you want a more comprehensive Umrah trip that includes a stay in Madina and Jeddah or even an additional extension to explore other destinations within the Kingdom and other surrounding countries, we have the perfect hassle-free experience for you.


Through our unique portal, you will discover endless options that best suit your travel needs. We facilitate your travel planning by offering plenty of services and features that enable you to book flights, accommodation, transfers, tours, excursions, car rentals, readymade packages, and most importantly the star of our platform, “Create your Umrah package”; which allows you to dynamically customize your travel package as a whole. At we carefully study and tailor packages that best portray the beauty of each destination. Our packages are categorized into either themes or destinations.


On this basis, the customer can then choose what best fits their needs and desires, ensuring it will exceed their expectations in every way possible. Today, Travel One tops the market as a comprehensive Destination Management Company and is crowned as an all-inclusive travel agency that boasts customized and advanced services, delivered to you by our experienced travel professionals. We invite you to explore the rest of our website to get enlightened about who we truly are and the endless opportunities we have to offer.

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