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Stretching more than 200 kilometers along the tip of Saudi’s Red Sea coast, Jazan has all the prerequisites for a memorable holiday. From December through March, the weather is drier and more moderate, making winter an excellent time to explore this small province’s wealth of culture and nature. Discover Jazan’s diverse landscapes, including alabaster beaches, azure seas, green forests and craggy mountain peaks. The port city is perhaps best known as a jumping-off point for the unspoiled Farasan Islands, a protected archipelago of islands and coral islets that is not only home to an abundance of wildlife and colorful marine creatures but also a haven for those keen to explore Saudi’s heritage and diverse geography. From the ancient palm-roofed fort that overlooks the town to the merchant houses and evocative stone buildings of Al Qassar Village, Jazan’s appeal is as varied as its scenery.

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