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al baha


A journey to Al Baha is a trip to a different Saudi. In a country that’s often characterized by ochre desert, this high-altitude city in the Hijaz region is a place of storied towers, lush forests and winding valleys. Sitting 2,500 meters above sea level, the city enjoys moderate temperatures and is an ideal place to hike, picnic or camp. The ancient Ghamid and Zahran tribes forged a unique cultural identity in the area, building 1,001 stone Qasbah lookout towers that are only found here, as well as setting up a bustling souq. Drive out of the city around winding mountain bends and past apricot and pomegranate orchards to discover more than 40 forests surrounding the city. The road to the famous marble village of Dhee Ayn, which takes you through Tolkienesque valleys and past ruined towers, is almost as spectacular as the site itself.

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